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    'How long has it been since we last looked up at the moon as friends? Sisters. A family...'

    Princess Luna gazed out over the snow-covered lands she ruled over, watching the small shapes of ponies in the city of Manehattenn. It had been years since Luna claimed the city as the capital of her kingdom to provide ponies with better lives. They deserved better than this. Freedom from the Mad Queen, who would see them crushed and destroyed. Freedom from the Princess of Magic, who would bring all under her banner whether they want it or not. And freedom from her sister, who couldn't keep her kingdom together once the Elements of Harmony died.

    'Perhaps I am being too harsh on my sister... a long time ago, I told her that winter was coming. And now it's here. It's been like this for a long time. Does anypony even remember the summer?'

    A knock on the door broke her out of her reverie and Luna realized she'd been staring out the window for the past hour or so, probably missing a council meeting. She shook her head and cleared her throat. She was the princess and thus had to present a suitable amount of confidence. "Enter."

    "My Princess," Her advisor, a batpony named Low Light, entered the room and bowed before Princess Luna, "your presence was missed at the Small Council meeting. Are you well, Your Grace?"

    Luna nodded before striding to her desk where papers and scrolls were scattered about. Some were half finished and others were completely finished and awaiting the Princess' seal. "Yes. I am well. I was just reminiscing about the days before this damnable winter set in. Don't you miss the summer, Light?"

    "I wouldn't know, Your Grace. If it was during my lifetime, I doubt I was old enough to appreciate it. Winter is all I've known." Light said, his gaze drifting over the desk with a slight frown. It was pretty clear that he did not approve of the Princess' desk being cluttered and untidy. "I see it's still as messy as always."

    It was Luna's turn to frown, though hers was more out of indignation. It seemed she still had a younger mindset than that of the others. "Look at how much work I have to do. The sewage is backed up because the pipes are freezing, the fields are difficult to tend because of the snow and ice. Heating and food are difficult to maintain due to the weather, and I have to prepare for a war with my sisters on top of it. This is clean in comparison."

    "You are the Princess of the Night and you don't have to do everything by yourself. That is why you have the Small Council and me, the Hoof of the Princess. Now come and get something to eat. I bet you've been working and daydreaming all day." Light said, grinning playfully at the Princess. He was also one of the few who could get away with it.

    "No, no. I'm far too bus-" Luna was cut off by her stomach rumbling right on cue. She half-grinned sheepishly while Light raised an eyebrow smugly. Some days she wanted to wipe the smug grin off his face. "On second thought, I believe I've just found some free time. Food would be a good way to make use of it."

    Light nodded. "Yes, Your Grace. Especially while we have it to spare."

    "Could I leave these letters to you, then?" She asked, but before Light could say anything, Luna cut him off and was already proceeding out the door. "You're such a dear, Light. You are a true gentlecolt, offering your help like that."

    "As you wish, Your Grace." Light said. He hated it when Luna did this to him. Then again, she only did it when he started being smug, so he probably earned it.

    Stellar Nova stood guard outside Princess Luna's chambers. Holding her spear to her side with her magic, and eyes alert monitoring the hallway. She did not move, until Princess Luna began to exit her chambers, at which moment she went straight to her side.

    "Have you been on guard all day, Stellar?" Luna asked as she walked down the hallway with Stellar at her side.

    "I have your Grace," said Stellar with the slightest hint of pride in her voice

    Luna chuckled to herself, taking note of Stellar’s pride. "I see. I must apologize for making you wait. But we have to mobilize the army before the war comes to us."

    Stellar’s expression was grave. "I had hoped it would not have come to that, Your Grace."

    "I as well, my friend. But if we don't fight, we can't maintain the freedom I promised my subjects." Luna said, taking on a determined tone.

    Stellar escourted Luna through the deserted halls in silence, only the winter wind could be heard howling from outside. When they reached The Great Hall, Stellar pushed open the large sturdy wooden doors, and waited for Luna to make her way in. A delicious smell of freshly cooked pies, and other assorted foods played upon Stellar’s senses as they both entered. Ponies were still rushing around the tables, placing down more trays upon the long table for their Princess.

    "Would you join me, Stellar? A meal is often best enjoyed with company." Luna smiled at Stellar and held her hoof out towards her friend in a clear invitation.

    "You honour me. But how can I protect you if I do," responded politely. As much as her stomach craved for the freshly cooked food, she could not abandon her duties to the Princess, and if anything was to happen to her on her watch. The thought caused her to shiver.

    Luna nodded, though she was admittedly disappointed. "I understand, but the offer is open should you wish to accept."

    "Thank you," Said Stellar as she watched Luna take a seat at the long table. She looked awfully alone, despite the numerous ponies who ran to place more dishes onto the table, or refill her glass. Stellar glanced at all the empty seats around the table, and sighed. Once the Four Princesses had all gathered here, eaten, talked, laughed. But no more, that era had ended, and another had begun. An era that would change everything.

    Sometime later, Low Light finished writing out the last letter and breathed a sigh of relief. But he wasn’t particularly fond of the contents. A call to arms for all the Princess’ bannerponies. It saddened him to see it come to this, but ultimately, it wasn’t really up to him. He trusted Princess Luna’s judgement, even if she did brood over her decisions sometimes. He definitely understood why. It couldn’t have been easy for her to split off from the others.

    He left the Princess’ study and made his way down the cold halls, bracing himself against the chill. The smell of freshly-cooked food drifted towards his nostrils, causing him to unconsciously follow the tempting aroma. He paused when he saw Stellar Nova outside the door, almost analysing the Unicorn. He may not share the distrust of Unicorns that the others harboured, but that didn’t mean he was going to let his guard down around them. That said, Stellar was chosen for the Queensguard for her skill. He approached and cleared his throat to speak.

    “Commander Nova, I have a message for Her Highness. Please tell her that her letters are completed, some are simply awaiting her signature and the rest have her seal.”

    “Thank you, Low Light,” said Stellar Nova, nodding a helmeted head in his direction. “I’ll tell her right away.”
    Stellar pushed open the door to The Great Hall, to see Luna finishing off the last pieces of her meal. Stellar approached her, her footsteps echoing in the vastness of the Great Hall.
    “Low Light wishes to inform you that the letters have been completed, and some are waiting for your signature.”

    Inside the dining hall, Luna looked up with a small smile appearing on her face as Stellar walked in. While the news that Low Light had finished was good, Luna was just glad to have some company. The servants bustling around didn’t make for much conversation.

    “Excellent. I shall sign and seal them as soon as I can. The sooner I can call in my bannerponies, the sooner we can prepare the army. Then we can focus on which kingdom is the most immediate threat.” Luna said, sipping from a glass of wine before grimacing. “I swear I’m slowly becoming my sister. This depressing loneliness and constantly questioning that one decision so long ago… All I’m missing is the habit of forcing on a smile then I’ll be Celestia.”

    She set down the wine glass and called for a servant. “I’m not fond of this wine. Please bring me some coffee and cake. Oh, and you may have that wine.” Luna said as the servant picked up the glass and went off to fulfil the Princess’ wishes.

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