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    Post by Dovashy on Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:11 am

    The Crystal Empire Roleplay Img-2778934-1-JbXuUPy

    The sweet sound of filly giggles warmed the vast space of the throne room, sun shone through opened windows, spilling its yellow glow into the room. Cadance smiled watching her children Rhythm and Glow playing. As she watched, Rhythm slipped on the throne room rug, giving a yelp of surprise as she fell flat on her face. Cadance's heart skipped a beat, as she jumped from the throne galloping towards her child’s side. As she reached the scene, there was an explosion of giggling from the both of them. Rhythm tried to pull herself up from the ground, but she was laughing too much to be successful. Glow extended a hoof, and Rhythm grabbed it. But then Glow started giggling again, and then they were both on the ground in hysterics Cadance sighed with relief, and shook her head gently. Sometimes she wished she could still be the innocent filly she had been all those years ago, to still be naïve about the world around her. The impeding Peace Meeting still hovered over her, even back then Cadance seemed to sense that something would be different about this Peace Meeting. When the laughing softened, and Glow and Rhythm were back on their feet, racing out of the throne room in a game of tag, Cadance called after them.
    “Be careful.”
    They disappeared into an adjoining corridor, and Cadance wasn’t sure if they’d heard her. But she let them go, just as a dozen Crystal Guards arrived to take her to the Peace Meeting. But if she had truly known then what she knew now, she would have never left Glow and Rhythm in the castle, she would have called Shining Armor, and she would have never gone to that Peace Meeting, she would have stayed with them, never to let them out of her sight. Because that day was the last day she would ever see them again.

    “Your grace? Princess Cadance?” A sombre voice sliced through her memory.
    The scene dissipated before Cadance's eyes, forcing her to gaze upon the throne room as it was now.
    It was dark, the once opened windows now closed. Curtains had been drawn, and never opened. What little light was cast from torches that were mounted at intervals along the walls of the hall. Their flickering flames sending shadows dancing across the walls, and their warmth keeping back the frost from winter outside, creeping any further than the windows.

    Cadance barely slept anymore, and seldom ate. At times she felt like ending her suffering, but her last and only friend Winged Glory always kept her going that tiny bit more. Some days she felt worse than others, and this had been one of those days. In fact she’d come back here to try and remember them, she’d been in this very room the last time she had ever seen them, this was the place she felt the most connected to them now. She'd come her to visit them, because this was the only place she could see them. In her memories.

    She looked towards the voice which had interrupted her, to see a pony standing patiently before her. She recognised him as one of the messengers, even though a shadow concealed a good half of his face.
    “Your Grace,” Said the messenger, kneeling respectfully.
    “Go on,” Said Cadance, ignoring the pleasantries.
    The messenger rose. “I was sent to inform you that the army you requested has been mustered, and that they are awaiting your presence.”
    “Good,” Said Cadance, adrenaline pumping through her veins. Although she still did not smile, she felt a lot better hearing the news. There was little that made Cadance happy anymore, but carrying out her revenge was the biggest. She even questioned whether it truly was Winged Glory loyalty and friendship that kept her going all this time, not the prospect of carrying out her vengeance. Twilight will get what she deserves, Cadance promised herself what she'd been promising herself countless times. After what she did to my children, after what she did to my Shining Armor, her own brother. She will pay, and she will pay in blood.

    [Outside, in the royal barracks]
    A stallion hit the floor in agony, his teeth grit and eyes watering as a hoof was pressed against his neck, the spikes around the hoof digging into his skin. "You left yourself open for far too long on your right flank..." said a voice above him, indicating that this torture was still not finished "...such blind inconsideration for your own health is...welcome...in my circle of expertise." The pressure from the back of his neck was release, elicting a gasp from the stallion. Looking up, he saw his attacker walking away from him, a tall, dulled-black crystal mare with greyed red hair. Whether it was how she walked or just his mind trying to suck air back into its starved cells, but the entire gait seemed slightly seductive and confident. "The queen wishes you to throw everything you have at your enemies..." she said to his peers, who had crowded around the spectacle not minutes before. They all looked uneasy, but most stallions do when a mare has you begging for mercy after dodging the first swing of your weapon. "...and whilst you are all encouraged to have a shred of tactical brilliance about you, I must plead that you put aside all self preservation when attacking the enemy..." The stallion pushed off the ground, galloping towards her with vigor bred from outrage. He had not served in the army long, merely a month, but he would be damned if he let this mare mouth off their tactical prowess whilst she stood before him.
    He roared as he snatched up a short sword discarded in the fight.
    She sighed happily as she turned a grey eye towards his direction.
    The crowd winced at the crack as the stallion's body went limp, the mare's magical aura extinguishing as the crowd parted to let her pass.
    "After all, more bodies for me to spend my time with." she sang, the blades in her braids clicking as she walked towards a trembling messenger. She cupped his chin in a hoof, her smile seemed to be edged with razors "What news from my queen, messanger? Or perhaps you just want to spend time with Hexecutioner Obsidian herself, as all these brave..." the throng took several cautionary steps from the mare "...stallions do?"

    [Also in the crystal royal barracks, a bit before Dovashy's post]

    Winter Gust walked along the barracks. Seconds ago he was given the order to muster all forces from the queen. As he walked into the main room he found a huge crowd, and the Royal Executioner in the middle of it all.

    The soldiers stepped aside and made him a path.
    As he finally walked up towards her he tapped her on the back with a bit annoyed look at his face.

    "Maybe you should focus on breaking the bones of the enemy soldiers instead of OURS dear "Hexecutioner". " He spoke and then turned to all the soldiers in the room, and spoke up in a loud and firm tone.
    "The army is requested to be mustered! You have 5 minutes to get armed and ready! Anyone late will be punished! "

    The Hexecutor raised a hoof, touching the Master of Hooves cheek in the gentlest manner as she smiled dreamily. Eyes skittering from her hoof to her eyes, throat muscles clenching as he swallows, facial muscles tightening, all clear signs of discomfort, but sadly not complete fear of her presence so close to him. She leaned in a little, her cheek barely passing the one that was currently occupied with her hoof as she breathed next to his ear as she opened her mouth. She closed it as she felt the knife against her chest, pulling back to see the Master of Hooves cold, strict eyes. Full of loyalty, unperturbed. She smiled, she knew the army was in good hooves, it always had been since the Hexecutors first began their rounds. It was simply that squads had a habit of breaking at the most inopportune moments, and they had to be taught a stricter lesson on why death is more preferable to dishonour. She cocked her head coyly as her hoof dropped from his face, pushing the blade down. as much as he would allow.

    "You are mistaken, Master of Hooves..." she whispered, her hoof lightly stroking down his cheek to under his chin "...I am merely doing my job of 'inspiring' our troops to greater efficiency. You need not take such a sharp tone with me, and in fact you should not ever again..." Distracted. An easy catch. She had him as her hoof shot down, knocking the blade from his hoof and stabbing upwards to clutch his windpipe, restricting air flow. She wondered what shade he would go if she held long enough. No, he is important. Issue warning, then release. "This will be the only warning I have given short of killing a pony, Winter Gust. You are important to the Queen, so I will let you live for as long as you remain useful to her. Cross me again, and I will let you hear the sound of your bones grinding to dust." She released him, a dark smile to her face as she turned away from him to pace in the direction of the Crystal Castle. "Run along, sweet Winter. Your soldiers need a leader to tell them to where they shall die..."

    (About an hour before the army is ready after summoning)

    The crumpled ball of paper flew across the room and made a dull "thud" as it hit the opposite wall and fell to the floor, coming to rest next to door.
    At that instant a sharp double knock could be heard at the door and a muffled "Sir!"

    "You may enter" said Sergei, getting up from his place at the desk.

    A soldier of the Royal Guard entered, moving to the side and standing at attention he said "Sir , Princess Cadance has summoned the army, your presence is requested , be ready within the hour."

    "Is that it soldier?" said Sergei

    "Yes" he replied

    "Then leave" said Sergei as he walked over to the crumpled paper.
    The door closed and he picked it up between his teeth, spitting it out as he passed the trashcan, now nearly full with similar pieces. He had yet to design a worthy wall that would keep the Wendigos at bay and time was running short. He sat staring at a blank piece of paper for several minutes, then at a small portrait of Shining Armor on his desk. "We will avenge you, Prince Shining" He thought.

    He himself tore away from the portrait, snapping back to reality. Walking over to the small wooden locker behind his desk, he began to don his parade uniform for the impending meeting.

    [Still a bit before Dovashys post]
    He rubbed his throat, as she walked away in a somewhat happy mood.

    "Run along, sweet Obsidian, The Hoof of the Princess is probably awaiting his prize. " He spoke back mockingly. Walking away towards the regroup zone of the army. The soldiers knew the drill, he personally made sure of that, after all he was in charge of training them.

    After a short walk he got to the main courtyard of the castle, with a swift expansion and flap of his wings he flew unto the Royal balcony.
    Up there he met his adjutant, a very young pegasus stallion, his personal trainee, but sadly to others he was known as a simple messenger.

    Carefully inspecting the troops Winter Gust saw that everything was in place, then he looked at himself. Was he ready for what was to come? That was a question that often went around his mind. But from an outside appearance he felt well. Upon him was a normal set of Crystal Empire armor, But with an added short purple colored cape that showed his high rank. Unlike most guards who had a big mohawk sticking out of their helmet he preferred to let his mane go loose, letting it fall to the sides. His tail stuck out normally but in a rather perfect manner. No clumsiness or sloppiness while putting on the uniform was present or noticeable.

    Winter knew everything was in check so he alerted his adjutant/messenger.
    "Go to the Princess and tell her that everything is ready as she requested... on you go."

    And he waited...

    The Crystal Empire Roleplay Img-2819445-1-JbXuUPy

    Princess Cadance stepped down from her Crystal throne, and her gown fell to the floor, trailing along behind her as she gracefully made her way down the steps which led from the raised platform where her throne stood. The messenger watched silently, and Ser Ambient, her Royal Bodyguard stepped from the shadows, coming to her side. She did not look at him as she spoke. “Ser Ambient, good to know you’re still awake.”
    “Your Grace,” Said Ser Ambient, offended. “I would not fail you so.”
    “Good,” Said Princess Cadance with a twisted smile. “It is good to know you are not like Ser Fleet.”
    Ser Fleet had been Ser Ambients predecessor, the Royal Guard who’d failed to step in when an assassin had made an attempt on her life. Ser Fleet would do no failing from where he sat, five hundred feet underground in his dungeon.

    As Princess Cadance, and Ser Ambient walked down the length of the throne room, the large double doors were thrown open for them, by two Royal Guards who groaned from the strain of heaving these massive doors aside. Ser Ambient, nodded his head in thanks to the two guards, but Cadance continued on her way, indifferently. They’d left the throne hall behind, and now made their way through a long narrow corridor. The right wall was lined with flaming torches, which lit the way, and to the left, were windows which were now covered with large, heavy curtains in a desperate attempt to fight off the cold draught which leaked from the cracks, and through the window panes. She heard wind howling as it battered against the sides of the castle, causing Cadance to shiver as the cold air wafted through the corridor. She pulled her royal gowns around herself tighter, and Ser Ambient noted the action with a disguised glance in her direction. The flames danced with the draught, and one came close to going out. Cadance pace quickened, and they finally left the corridor, and reached the main atrium. There was a small squad of Hexecutioners waiting for her, and spotting her, they all knelt respectfully.
    “Rise,” Said Cadance , and they did.
    “I was sent to escort you to the mustered Army,” Said one of the Hexecutioners, stepping forward. It must’ve been the Captain.
    “On who’s orders?” Demanded Ser Ambient, coming in between the Hexutioner Captain, and Princess Cadance.
    The Captain looked at Ser Ambient from head to toe, summing him up as an opponent. “By order of the Lord Hex, Obsidian.” He replied cooly. “Now, if you don’t mind. The carriage is waiting for Her Grace. You wouldn’t want to keep Her Grace waiting. Would you Guard?”
    Ser Ambient narrowed his eyes at the Captain, stepping aside.
    The doors of the Palace were thrown open, and a massive gust burst through the gap. Flakes of snow freckled the Black armour of the Hexecutioner Guards.
    “This way, Princess,” Said the Captain, as they left the inside of the Atrium, and out into the cold winter outside.
    There was a carriage waiting at the entrance of the Palace, a team of four Hexecutioners, waited, shivering in their reins. The Hex Captain opened the carriage door for Princess Cadance, and she climbed aboard happily. Ser Ambient followed afterwards but he had to hold the door open for himself, as the Captain ran off to command the Hexecutioner escort waiting at the flanks. As the drivers took off, the carriage shook with the force, until finally settling down. Two squads of Hexecutioners fell in on both sides of the carriage. They travelled out of the City of Crystal, and out of the large Crystal Walls that surrounded the Capital, and out into the fields, where a large force of about half a million eager Crystal Ponies soldiers had been gathered. The carriage pulled up at the front of the force, Ser Ambient and Cadance filed out of the carriage, and Cadance looked over her massive army with eyes full of excitement. She flew to the roof of the carriage, to survey them better, and so they could all see her. She spoke loudly in her Royal Voice, so that even the cold wind that howled around them was quiet in comparison.
    “My fellow Crystal Empire ponies, at the deaths of your Prince, Shining Armor, and my children, Rhythm and Glow you were all willing to lay down your lives to avenge them, to bring Twilight to justice for their murder.” She took a moment to rest, her heart beating rapidly, fueled by adrenaline. “Well now, almost a year later we are finally ready to carry out this justice, in three days we march on Ponyville, and then she will finally answer for her crimes.” She finished her speech, and the cries of half a million ponies exploded around her, the wind was drowned out as they shouted in agreement, and excitement.
    “Justice!” They shouted. “Justice!”
    They shook their weapons in the air, and the Hexecutioners glanced at each other nervously, their hooves hovering over their weapons. But the crowd did not surge forward, obviously the new training had been working. Which reminded Cadance, she still needed to visit the Ponies in training. She flew back down, and now addressed the Hex Captain. "Hexecutioner, please alert the Small Council that I wish to have them meet in the Hall within the hour,” She walked back to the Carriage, and as Ser Ambient entered slamming the door behind, they shot off back towards the City in a flurry of upturned snow.


    The Hexecutioner, named Darkheart, saluted to Cadence's retreating carriage. No sooner was it out of sight was a messenger called...
    "Notify the Lord Hexecutor of these developments, sharp. Get your cohorts to do the same for the other ministers." he ordered, turning back the amassed force in order to dispence warnings to the junior hexecutors for daring to balk at the sight of a cheering crowd. "But what of the Princess' Hoof, Agoniser Darkheart?" The dark ruby stallion inclined his head in thought, then shook it down again...
    "Possibly 'consorting' with our Head Hexecutor, no doubt..."

    Obsidian was rarely a mare of simple pleasures, there was always something to be added to a moment to make it better. A burning heretic was often such a thing, but right now she could be forgiven if such a necessity be left...absent. Breaking the kiss with her marefriend, Obsidian used her darkened grey magic to push a lock of hair from the mare's face.
    "You smell nice today." she said lamely, inwardly beating herself for such an unimaginative icebreaker "Is it the one I got you?" Whack. Whack. Whack. Hardly the place for conversing via tongue, the rear of the barracks. Especially so when locals patrolled and the Master at Arms skulked about. She was on a whole different social ladder than him true, but that did not mean she was higher...


    Sergei stood at attention throughout the duration of the rally, he had his troops do the same. The engineering company had only recently been formed, and he would have no foul ups,no mistakes, nothing to draw unnecessary attention. Every one of the 80 soldiers in the company stood stone still until it was the appropriate time to yell in support of the speech, even in these instances they were to stay still. Justice! , Justice!, Justice! they echoed.

    Sergei himself could not pay attention to the speech for so long, phasing in and out between the rally and the wall. It had clouded his mind for so long, but since the time he left his quarters at the camp his mind had been toying with an idea. A ten meter high wall, ten meters thick, made of stone. It was to span the entire northern edge of the empire, sentry towers every 100 meters, dedicated guard towers every 500 meters, and a series of small fortresses at strategic points along the wall. It was vital he come up with technical documents for such as soon as possible, while the idea was still fresh in his mind.

    The Captain led his troops back through the city, marching down the main street. Dressed in thick winter overcoats , hats and boots, they did not make the loud machine like clanking of normal soldiers with armor, instead it was a quiet procession, the snow serving to hush the mechanical like march of boots on cobble.

    Spirits were high amoung the troops after the Princess's speech, so much so that a junior officer of the regiment called:
    "Captain Sergei? May we sing?"

    "If you wish" he replied.

    Classic folk songs such as "Song of Crystal Boatmen" and "At the Mountains Edge" filled the air as the procession made its way through the city. As it grew dark and a light snow began to fall, the tone changed to traditional marches and cadences.
    The entire time Sergei himself was quietly singing along, inspired by a new sense of nationalism...

    The troops went to their barracks upon return, they would need the rest. Sergei was up until 4am sitting at his desk drawing up documents for the Princess. The clock struck 4:15 as Sergei entered the messenger barracks and violently shook the nearest pony awake.
    He grabbed him by the collar , the lamp casting deep shadows on the bags under his eyes:

    "You are to inform Princess Cadance at the earliest opportunity that I have completed the plans for the wall. I want it to be the first thing she hears when she wakes up, but so help me if I found out you woke her at an early hour it will be your head on the chopping block. Go , NOW!"

    "Yes Captain!" replied the groggy messenger.

    Sergei released the startled messanger and walked out. He returned to his office, doused the light, collapsed in his chair , and began to snore loudly. In his lap ,and wrapped in his hooves was a briefcase stuffed with papers.

    Payce knocked on the door of the barracks heavily, when there was no response he opened it carefully, to see Winged Glory and Obsidian standing there. Their manes and tails were ruffled, and their belts were lying on the floor with their swords, but Payce kept his mouth shut as he handed Obsidian the letter.
    “From Captain Darkheart,” Said Payce gruffly. Payce turned to Winged Glory as Obsidian broke open the red seal, and read the letter. He looked her up and down, his eyes reading her, but his face remaining plain.
    “Shouldn’t you be at the meeting, Hoof?” Asked Payce

    The Crystal Empire Roleplay Img-2831245-1-JbXuUPy
    Princess Cadance sat at the head of the long table, gazing over each of her subjects individually. Ser Ambient stood guard at the large, heavy door of the chamber, the only door in the chamber. One way in one way out, Princess Cadance liked it that way. Ser Ambient cast a guarding gaze over the table, with his longsword hanging at his flank. He was the only one armed in the room. At the table, the councilmembers of the Crystal Empire were seated. There was Orb Dust, the Grand Maester of Magic. An aged pony, even when Cadance was first coronated. His back was hunched, and his eyes were watery and unseeing. Around his neck hung a heavy metal chain, with a pendant embroidered with a symbol of fire. His magical expertise. Across from the old Maester was Winter Gust the Master at Hooves, a skilled archer as Cadance had been told. Then there was Nay, the Commander of Sails who looked around the room with dancing eyes, as though this was his first time inside. Then there was Elisabeth the Commander of the Army. The Army Commander called herself Ruby, but Cadance had little tolerance for nicknames. There was an empty seat beside Elisabeth, reserved for Mead of the Northern Wall, for the few times when he ever visited the City of Crystal. Cadance had heard the fighting on the Crystal Mountains had intensified, with Wendigos assaulting the small wooden walls almost daily. Now, Mead had little time to spare with visits to the Capital, and Cadance was glad that at least some of her commanders took their duties seriously. This thought caused her to turn to her side, where another seat lay empty, this seat was unlike the seat reserved for Mead, for its intended owner was not thousands of leagues away fighting Wendigo. Far from it, in fact Cadance had seen Winged Glory only a few hours earlier, asking to visit the Lord Hexecutioner, Obsidian. Where was she now? Surely she would’ve recieved word of the council meeting by now. She’d sent almost a dozen messengers out. Shaking her head in disappointment, she looked up from the seat, and turned back to the council, who shuffled in their seats uncomfortably.
    “Looks like we’ll need to begin without the Hoof,” Announced Cadance, with an air of calmness.
    Nay couldn’t help but notice that if it had been anyone other than Glory, their head would already be spiked atop the City Wall.
    “I’ve called this small council for our final preparations before we march to Ponyille, in three days our troops will board the boats, then disembark before the Everfree, before finally laying siege to Ponyville!” Her voice rose higher and higher with excitement, until ending in a squeak. Nay cast Ruby a look of uncertainty, before he quickly caught himself, and returned to his pokerface. Fortunately, Cadance caught none of this as she turned to Lord Nay with a question.
    “How are the river preparations, Nay. Are the ships ready for sailing?”
    Nay turned to Cadance with a look of calm, but inside he was boiling over with fear.
    “Your Grace,” He began, attempting to stifle a fearful stutter. “The River is being melted by unicorn teams as we speak, and we the ships will be ready for deployment within the timeframe.”
    He left out the part about the unicorn teams freezing to death, and disappearing into monstrous storms of snow. He also left out the part where the rivers were continuing to freeze over, and progress was little. He presented his halftruth with a small reassuring smile, and Cadance nodded appreciatively.
    “Good, good.”
    The council fell into silence, and all that could be heard was the sound of the wind battering against the stained glass windows of the Hall, as all the council members thought of what to say next.

    The Master at Hoof watched over everything from a balcony as Cadance gave her speech. He wanted revenge, but he also knew that the Princess was mad and didn't think rationally. He knew that her justice was going to be murdering innocents and slavery.
    But standing idly and pretending that he was fine with her actions was not something he was not planning to do.

    As the speech ended he cheered, but he didn't feel the cheer deep in his heart, inside was the darkness of what was to come in three days...


    Winter Gust sat at the small council meeting, here he was... sitting among the people who he mostly thought of as dishonorable or crazy. He didn't enjoy small council meetings, since he was recently named his rank this was his 3rd one and he already knew what to expect. Lies and plots of mass genocide and revenge.

    As the Master of Sail finished talking Gust felt nothing more then disgusted, he was at the site of work and he saw the horrible progress.
    But since things were expected of him then he might as well do then as quickly as he could so he can go back to sitting around and listening to all these people who he thinks should be considered traitors.

    He stood up, cleared his throat and spoke.

    "My Queen, as you saw the army is ready, and you have my bow, arrow and blade at your service. But how about a more friendly takeover then a full out war? Most of those ponies in the Republic of Magic are innocent, and if you do not harm them then they will grow to adore you. If we launch assaults on cities then those civilians will die, and the more of them die the more of them will rise up against you and join the hostile ranks seeking revenge just as you do. "


    High Hexecutioner Obsidian snorted as she read the letter, which instructed that whilst the meeting was of high importance, she was not needed to attend. She inwardly grimaced at that, no hoofsie under the table nor scaring the other generals. Especially the Minister of Magic, who should have been born yellow.
    "Don't bother to notify the first captain of the Hexecutors, I shall escort the Hoof to the meeting room myself." she said, casting a sideways sultry glance at her marefriend. Even if this messenger were to pick up on such a look, people knew better to keep their mouth shut around her.

    Reattaching her blades was no big deal, even with the razor thin edges that could play a pony alive. Heck, she even knew how to run and keep her body mostly free of scarring, though the feel of the cold blades against her back was exhilerating at times.
    "I am at your service, Hoof of the Princess." she announced, allowing a wry smirk "When you are ready, I shall escort you. Messenger, you are dismissed."

    The Crystal Empire Roleplay Img-2819445-1-JbXuUPy

    "My Queen, as you saw the army is ready, and you have my bow, arrow and blade at your service. But how about a more friendly takeover then a full out war? Most of those ponies in the Republic of Magic are innocent, and if you do not harm them then they will grow to adore you. If we launch assaults on cities then those civilians will die, and the more of them die the more of them will rise up against you and join the hostile ranks seeking revenge just as you do. "
    Cadance turned to Winter Gust with cooly, an eyebrow perked up at the remark.
    “My dear, Winter Gust. I do hope you are not sympathising with our enemy.” Her voice was sweet, and calm but the underlying menace was clear to all of those seated at the long table. The council lowered their heads, in fear of what was to come. “I forgive your outburst, for I too once believed they were innocent.” Suddenly her tone changed, it became angry, losing its sweetness into something fueled by hatred. “- But then I opened my eyes to the truth, the truth that none of them are innocent. No, they lost their innocence when they chose to follow that murderer Twilight Sparkle. The one who murdered my family, well they too will learn what it feels like to lose all those that they care about.”
    Cadance stood from her chair, slamming a hoof on the stone tabletop. Ser Ambients hoof went to his sword prepared for whatever was to come. He cast a quick glance over all of the council members, most of whom were on the edge of their seats in fear. Cadance sat back down, watching Winter Gust as he stood exposed for them all to see. “..No. I will kill everyone that stands by Twilights side.”
    A smile crept up her muzzle, a crooked cruel smile savouring in the thought of bloodshed. “Just remember Winter Gust, your job is easy, and you are easy to replace,” She let that threat sink. Then in a flash her crooked smile disappeared, and she laughed happily. “Sit down, Winter Gust.” She teased. “Don’t look so sombre, we all know what happened to him.” She looked around at the council, and they chuckled nervously. Her calmness had returned once again, and the tension in the air began to dissipate, and Ser Ambients hoof went back to the ground, no longer hanging over his weapon.
    “Well. Does anyone have anything else to add?” She turned to Ser Ambient "Damn it Ambient, get someone to find that cursed Winged Glory NOW!"
    "Yes your Grace," Said Ser Ambient, giving one last cautionary glance at all the members of the council before shuffling off to find a messenger. Another Royal Guard by the name of Hill entered the Hall in his place, Ser Ambient was obviously taking no chances.


    Gust did not show any feelings of amusement or of being scared. Also he decided to keep standing.
    "Princess, it is part of my job to advise you in these key moments... so if I get threatened for simply doing my job and speaking the trust UNLIKE most of this council then I suggest you actually do replace me with another one of those lying, heartless, scum if that is the kind of pony you rather listen to. "

    He kept standing up in case the Princess actually wanted to replace him.

    "Also, I guess you would like to know the version from a more strategic point of view, then here it is: The more ponies you harm from the Republic the more will join the army against you, and that means more of our own soldiers will die, which will lower our morale. " He walks up to a map and points at ponyville. "" Most of the new militia will gather in Ponyville which will decently weaken our strength on that front... and I must tell you to NEVER underestimate militia, especially one brought up to the army because of a personal loss and lust for revenge.

    He walked up back to his seat.

    "We would probably take them down anyway and give out your "justice", but with a very great cost of crystal pony lives... my question is... Are the lives of your own people less important then your plot of personal revenge for Shining Armor and your Children? "

    The Crystal Empire Roleplay Img-2819445-1-JbXuUPy

    If the council had been fearful earlier, now they were shivering in their seats. Cadance turned her head around, just after having sent Ser Ambient out to get Winged Glory. "Princess, it is part of my job to advise you in these key moments... so if I get threatened for simply doing my job and speaking the trust UNLIKE most of this council then I suggest you actually do replace me with another one of those lying, heartless, scum if that is the kind of pony you rather listen to. "
    The Master At Hooves, Winter Gust was still blabbering on about the accursed Ponyville residents. Did he not realise this was a war they were fighting? The very pony in charge of training their forces, seemed nothing but a weak and emotional coward.
    "Also, I guess you would like to know the version from a more strategic point of view, then here it is: The more ponies you harm from the Republic the more will join the army against you, and that means more of our own soldiers will die, which will lower our morale. "
    The Coward stood up, and strode over to a map of Equestria at the back of the Hall.
    "Most of the new militia will gather in Ponyville which will decently weaken our strength on that front... and I must tell you to NEVER underestimate militia, especially one brought up to the army because of a personal loss and lust for revenge."
    "These-" Cadance begun desperately trying to prove her point, but failing as The Coward continued.
    "We would probably take them down anyway and give out your "justice", but with a very great cost of crystal pony lives... my question is... Are the lives of your own people less important then your plot of personal revenge for Shining Armor and your Children? "
    "How dare you," Growled Cadance from where she sat, rising with menacing grace. Her eyes were aflame with silent anger directed straight at Winter Gust who stood defiantly at the map of Equestria. "How DARE you speak to me like that," Cadance shouted, her voice booming around the Hall. "I AM your Princess. You DARE question my loyalty to MY people, and you question the importance of avenging MY FAMILY."
    She chuckled, but it was not with humour. "You are deeply mistaken. Winter Gust," She spat out his name, as though it belonged to a plague that had killed millions.
    "-And for these mistakes you will pay."
    Her mouth contorted into a snarl, as she pointed at him with a hoof. "Ser Hill, take him to The Academy. Now. "
    Hill who'd been standing ready at the door, moved towards Winter Gust. He was a mountain of a pony, his large muscular bulk meant his armour had to be reforged several times before he'd finally fit into it.
    "Your Grace," Said the frail Orb Dust in defense of Winter. "The Master At Hooves was merely speaking his mind."
    Cadance stared him down.
    "I'm merely saying," Said Orb Dust his hooves up in surrender "That The Academy is an extreme measure."
    "The Academy was made to house those who have committed the worst kinds of crimes," replied Cadance "Treason is the worst kind of crime."
    Orb Dust remained silent, nopony trusted the Hexecutioners who ran The Academy, and although Winter Gust was a respected member of the council he was not willing to sacrifice his own life for his. Winter Gust went willingly, as Ser Hill grabbed him by his neck, and pushed him out of the Hall as though he were a small toy. He nodded to the Princess as he left, the Hall doors grinding open as he pushed at it with ease.
    "Think about what Shining Armor would think of you if he could see you now," Said Winter Gust as he was finally pushed out of the room. Two more Royal Guards entered into the Council Room, as he said this. Winter Gust began to say something more, but his voice was drowned out by the sound of the heavy hall doors closing again for the third time that day.
    Cadance looked at the closed Hall door for several minutes, the two Royal Guards standing in the doorway unsure of what to expect. Then she let out a long sigh, and fell back on her seat tiredly, asking herself sadly. "Where is my Hoof?"

    Ser Ambient could not find a messenger in sight, finally he gave up, and shrugged. It looked like he was going to need to find Winged Glory himself, to be perfectly honest with himself, he did not mind this turn of events. The Hexecutioners controlled every messenger in the Crystal Empire, and he had the same amount of trust for a Hexecutioner as a Changeling, none. He hoped that the Princess was going okay in the Small Council meeting, things had been tense before he'd left. Then again, he'd left her in capable Hooves, Hill was a distinguished and loyal Royal Guard. One of their finest, Ser Ambient smiled at the thought of Orb Dust, or a member of the council going up against that beast of a pony. Now where was Winged Glory?

    Payce watched as the Winged Glory and Obsidian left to the direction of the small Council. Relieved that they were finally on their way, he left the Barracks, and made his way to The Academy. The Academy was the Headquarters of the entire Hexecutioner Order. A massive cobble building, with towering battlements, and it’s own series of fortifications. It was in its own right, a castle. This castle came with its own wall, smaller than that which surrounded the City itself, it was not less mighty. The cobbled walls were thick and strong, and the gate was an immense portcullis. From high above in one of the gatehouses, a Hexecutioner spotted him approaching, and shouted to the gatekeepers to open up. Within a few seconds there was the horrendous clanging of metal chains, and the grinding as the portcullis was raised from the ground. The portcullis began its descent with its horrible clunking once again as he entered, but it stopped halfway with a sharp shout from one of the Hexecutioners above. “Stop the gate, stop the gate!” Payce spun around to see what all the commotion was about. A massive pony approached, he was easily twice the size of him. There was no denying that this was Ser Hill, in service to the Royal Guard, but what was curious was the fact that he’d strayed so far from where he should’ve been, the Crystal Palace. By his side was a smaller pony, a light blue crystal pegasus. A mane of black and brown. Payce did not recognise him, but two Hexecutioner gate guards did.
    “Looks like Cadance finally decided to get rid of the Master At Hooves,” He chuckled.
    “About time,” replied the other “Replace ‘em with one of our trainers I say, would do the Army some good. Bunch of mules how they are now.”
    They both burst into laughter, until their commander shouted from the battlements. “Get out there you fools, ask them what in Equestria they want!”
    The Guards shut up immediately, picking up their spears, and ducking under the half closed portcullis. Payce walked a little closer, he had nothing better to do, he was curious as to what was happening. He hadn’t seen a traitor before, The Master At Hooves did not look like the traitors on the posters.
    “What do you want?” Asked one of the Hexecutioner Guards
    “- Another traitor for your fine establishment,” grumbled Ser Hill pushing Winter Gust into their grasp.“
    As Ser Hill turned his back, walking back to the direction of the Palace the portcullis was pulled back up, the two guards returning with Winter Gust in their grasp. They were both laughing again, one of them pushed Winter Gust into the gravel of the courtyard, and kicked him with a hoof.
    “Enough you fools,” the Commander of the gate had walked out now, fuming. “Take him to the damned dungeons, and stop messing around.” The commander looked to Payce now. “You, messenger I need you to tell Obsidian that we have the Master At Hooves in our custody, have you got that?”
    Payce nodded, and scurried off before the gate closed. Running back and forth was tiresome, he couldn’t wait till he was promoted into the soldering ranks of the Hexecutioners.


    The walk to the councilroom was a short one, yet made a little longer with both mares stopping for a quick 'breather' as they walked the crystal halls. Ah yes, the tail whip had not gone unnoticed, not at all.
    "I saw you a little more transparent than usual..." she said as the doors approached, guards either side of the heavy oak in an admittedly weak attempt at defence. Obsidian was confident a few hoof-picked Agonisers could do the job just as well. Still, disposability was good. "...you don't have anything to worry over, Hoof. We control the information highway, and I control the enforcers. Besides..." she stopped in her reassurances to tilt her head, appearing to the guards to whisper something, but the true purpose was to stroke her lover's ear with a muzzle "...if you get through this meeting without dying, I...may be inclined to do something special, just for you..." she leaned back out, shaking her mane to loosen her braids as they approached.

    "I heard the Empress was looking for her Hoof." she stated, less a question than ever "We were merely discussing the state of affairs concerning the newly-bred troops fresh from the barracks, and which would make good Hexecutors in their prime years." She looked the guards up and down, making sure to smile icily. Intimidation was key to the Hexecutors, without it they would merely be acrobats and alchemists whom purveyed a skilled, and often painful, death upon their foes. "Unless you fine stallions wish to testify against such a truth?" she looked between them, awaiting an answer.


    Ruby simply yawned before speaking. "What the hay are we gonna do with ponyville ones its claimed?" she asked Ruby was pretty much not afraid to ask cadence any questions in truth never liked Cadence at all or The Crystal Empire but she's commander of the royal guards so she can't really do anything about it other than obey Cadence's oders or can she?.

    She sat thinking of more things the sayd before suddenly grinning "so Cadence since were invading ponyville instead of killing every civillian alive why not turn into'workers' that do the dirty work for us surperior crystal ponies like they can be in charge of melting rivers n such. And with the hexecutioners around to watch them they won't even dare try to rebel againt's us" Ruby suggested with a small smile.

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    - - - - - - - - -

    The Headless Mare, a free house just west of the Hexecutioner Academy, was alive with noise as Hexecutors from all over sought to talk business between each other, plan attacks in a personal and unsuspecting privacy, or generally judge the nature of the public from the windows. One stallion had different plans. Acid Rain, a dark green and black maned unicorn, slumped to the floor as the victor of the contest downed his tankard in earnest. Diamond white skin, black hair frazzled beyond redemption hidden under a clairvoyant blue hat and matching coat, as well as the glassy black orbs which formed the pony's eyes marked this one as a rather outgoing and social chap, even if his lack of class prevented him entering some circles of trust. His name was Domino Effect, and he kicked his legs up on the table his comrade had just slid off while he finished his drink, taking the time to wipe his mouth with a sleeve and belch loudly, uncaring of the snooty looks of his fellows.
    "Alright...!" he said, wings extending as he fell forwards into a sitting position, eyes dancing from figure to figure "...who's next. Come on. Who wants to see if they can drink ol' Domino under the table like this poor bastard?" He looked around eagerly, expecting somepony to suffer a false sense of bravado but sadly none lacked the brain cells. The beer had given him a delightful buzz in the back of his skull, spurring him to do something somewhat stupid in the hooves of a normal pony. Reaching into the innards of his debonair coat, Domino retrieved three spherical objects and inspected them. The free house grew a little quieter as ponies gave him a wide berth. Clever sods, Domino thought dryly as he began to juggle the spheres between his hooves, clearly they were born with sense and an idea about self preservation, something he clearly lacked...

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Unlike many of their peers, the pony named Mystery did not have a face to place a name, or, as many suspected, no face at all. This suited Mystery, who very much liked to keep themselves to themself by leaving all information about them their namesake, a mystery. Right now Mystery was following the High Hexecutioner herself and the Princess' Hoof, and found themselves interested from what they saw above in the rafters of the walkways. It involked a feeling in their abdomen, though not one of nausea nor was it a blossoming sensation. Curious. Mystery was not a social pony, unless one counted them as acting escort for Obsidian. Escort, an odd term. It implied Obsidian needed protection, or that she was weak. Mystery was confident another had put them on that job, but Obsidian enjoyed giving orders and Mystery knew that an order completed with absolute fluidity was a task fulfilled and the mare satisfied. This current behaviour was not based on any order they had recieved recently, perhaps it was that which their partner called curiosity, though the lack of felines put such an explaination at risk. Maybe they had to find some in order to understand such an emotion?

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