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    Weapons of the War


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    Weapons of the War

    Post by LordofTime on Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:25 am

    This thread will serve as a categoriser, and smelting pot, for any weapons we wish to include within the RP. This way, Mods can pick and choose what weapons are shared by/exclusive to each faction.

    Please note that if you are creating weapons you must begin with this guideline.

    Name: (What your weapon is called, such as Crystal Crossbow, Sun Cannon and the like)
    Affiliation: (Which faction uses the weapon, can be shared between factions if you wish.)
    Type: (Ballistic encompasses both arrow and black powder variants, Melee covers close combat and sheilds, Special covers magical weapons and items with specialised ammunition)
    Range: (Short: 0-10m, Medium:10-50m, Far: 50-100m)
    Damage: (Minor: Little medical attention, Major: Much medical attention, Mortal: Get the corpse cart)
    Speed: (Slow: Heavier weapons like cannon or polearms, Medium: Bows and swords in general, Fast: Usually crossbows and daggers)
    Mobility: (None: Affixed to a structure, Slow: Carried via cart or trailer, Fast: Personal or kept on person)
    Description: (But what does it do?)

    Don't make everything you create Majorly or Mortally wound, not everything will be as powerful against certain things. Or go ahead and make everything OP and watch half your stuff not get accepted.

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    Re: Weapons of the War

    Post by LordofTime on Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:38 am

    Name: Shard Launcher
    Affiliation: Crystal Empire
    Type: Special
    Range: Medium
    Damage: Major upon direct hit, Minor from resulting shrapnel
    Speed: Slow
    Mobility: Slow
    Description: Catapult type weapon usually employed defensively, the Shard Launcher uses medium to large gems, rejected from the Crystal Mines for their impurities, as ammunition. Mounted to wagons and carts, they act as key defense points in a counter assault. Manned by two or three individuals, the firing speed varies on weight of crystal and the strength of those loading them.
    Archi the Atmomancer

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    Re: Weapons of the War

    Post by Archi the Atmomancer on Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:22 am

    Name: Sunlight Halberd
    Affiliation: Solar Empire
    Range: Melee
    Damage: Variant; thrusts with the point deal minor wounds, whereas hacking is more likely to deal major wounds.
    Speed: Slow
    Mobility: Fast
    Description: The Solar Empire has always followed a defensive military doctrine, and as such polearms are a frequent sight in the Solar Army. The halberd is the Empire's go-to weapon for offensive formations due to the devastating blows it can deal with its axe-like head while keeping the enemy at a distance.

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    Re: Weapons of the War

    Post by LordofTime on Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:48 pm

    Name: Skywing Repeater
    Affiliation: All factions
    Type: Ballistic
    Range: Short-Medium
    Damage: Minor through anything but chest or head, major for both said targets
    Speed: Fast
    Mobility: Fast
    Description: A tried and tested design, simple to maintain and produce alongside providing an excellent accompaniment into battle, Skywing Repeaters have been many an army's companions even before the Great War began. Though different ammunition will yeild different results when fired, the Skywing design has changed very little.

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    Re: Weapons of the War

    Post by DarkStar on Mon Aug 04, 2014 3:57 pm

    Name: Crystal Bow
    Affiliation: Crystal Empire
    Type: Balistic/Magic
    Range: Medium:10-50m.
    Damage: Matters where you hit.
    Speed: Medium/Fast
    Mobility: Fast
    Description: This is a simple magical crystal bow, once you apply it to the ground it sticks freezing around the base of the floor, but the frost moves as you move the bow trying to aim, Rotateable and stable. It does not require arrows because it is enchanted to create arrows out of ice while the string is pulled back making it very fast and efficient.

    Further on it works as a simple bow, exempt that its arrows melt away in the sun.

    Some bows have a magical link to the user himself which allows for custom arrows from shotgun like arrows to simple ice explosion burst, but those take a bit/lot longer to generate for the bow then an average shot.

    Moonlight flame

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    Re: Weapons of the War

    Post by Moonlight flame on Mon Apr 27, 2015 7:29 am

    Moonstone blade
    New lunar republic
    Type sword/magic
    Range short
    Damage it can do a descent deal if damaged it welded correctly
    Mobility fast
    This sword is made of moonstone mined from the middle of the everfree forest the sword is enchanted with a self shaping and repairing enchantment
    The hilt is made from a meteorite that landed next to the moonstone mine. Then the hilt is wrapped in leather to add grip to it.

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    Re: Weapons of the War

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