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    Black Powder Weapons


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    Black Powder Weapons Empty Black Powder Weapons

    Post by Sergei on Thu Jul 31, 2014 12:49 am

    The use of black powder weapons within RP has previously been discussed on the Skype discussion. This thread is to further discuss the topic of such weaponry and set what is and is not permitted.

    First things first: No handheld personal firearms, no flintlocks,muskets,etc.

    However given much of the technology in Equestria it is reasonable to assume that black powder exists. (Steam trains, fireworks,etc)

    Basic Demoliton Explosives
    Mines(This day Aria): Reasonable to assume there are "primitive" explosives .
    Such would mostly see use in sieges of cities or sabotage and is not used in conventional battles.

    Siege Artillery: Cannons
    These early artillery pieces are very medieval in style , they have only solid and scatter shot. Due to the limitation of the propellant , the range is limited to a few hundred meters and due to their size and weight they are limited to defense and siege.

    Much more mobile than cannons, but even more inaccurate. The effectiveness of such is limited as most of the power is used in propulsion.
    They are also prone to exploding upon launch as well as in-flight.

    Early grenades of the fragmentation and incendiary type. Not every soldier has them, they are kept within throwing distance.

    I will add to this as the topic is discussed and will post images and links of "real world equivalents" once I can post links (must wait 7 days after creating account).


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    Black Powder Weapons Empty Re: Black Powder Weapons

    Post by Dovashy on Sat Aug 02, 2014 1:59 am

    Didn't realise cannons were allowed, this will be very interesting.

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