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    Princess Celestia Empty Princess Celestia

    Post by Demirari on Mon Jul 28, 2014 2:09 am

    Image of Pony: Look at avatar.

    Name: Princess Celestia

    Kingdom: Solar Empire

    Race: Alicorn

    Appearance: A mare of considerable heights with a white coat. Following that are pink eyes and an ethereal rainbow-colored mane. Settling along her head is a tiara that had changed from what it was from one-hundred years to a symbol of the sun. Moving downwards to the body is a peytral curving downwards made of gold and masterfully crafted with symbols of the sun and lines to compliment it. Other than these major changes, the shoes had stayed around the same without major aesthetic changes.

    Cutie Mark: The sun.

    Personality: Princess Celestia is a considerate being that wishes for the good of all of her subjects. Immense amounts of patience are added into the good-willed mixture with a, now more hidden, trait of humor and the appreciation of a good joke or laugh. One is to note, however, that Princess Celestia will be blunt if it is the best option available to her.

    History: Is one of the two founders of Equestria... (I'll add in changes whenever I feel like it or it is important.  tongue )

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