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    Impetus (War Advisor to Princess Celestia)

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    Impetus (War Advisor to Princess Celestia) Empty Impetus (War Advisor to Princess Celestia)

    Post by Archi the Atmomancer on Sun Jul 27, 2014 8:13 am

    Name: Impetus

    Kingdom: The Solar Empire

    Race: Earth Pony

    Apperance: Impetus' coat is a beige or cream colour, as of slightly aged parchment. His mane is cut short and light brown; the same colour as his eyes.

    Impetus is of average height and above-average build due to his days on the battlefield and frequent practice with his gilded halberd.  He is rarely seen
    without his armour, which is the same golden armour worn by the Canterlot Royal Guard.

    Cutie Mark: A black rook chess figure, symbolising his aptitude in strategy and logistics.

    Personality: Impetus is a stallion of high moral ideals. He believes that all ponies should act with honour, honesty and kindness in all they do. However, he does not distance himself from other ponies the way some ponies who claim to be morally superior do. On a good day, Impetus is friendly and witty, and tries to see the best in everypony he meets.

    Impetus has stood by the ideals of the Empire and Princess Celestia for his entire life. He believes that the Empire is the only kingdom in Equestria that truly wants peace and harmony in the land, and is therefore the only kingdom that can be supported righteously. This fervour drives Impetus to devise his most brilliant strategies for the Empire off the battlefield, and makes him an inspiring figure on the battlefield, where his gilded halberd gleams in the sun.

    However, his intense devotion to the Empire makes him somewhat narrow-minded, as he struggles to see morality in shades of grey; to Impetus, you are either with the Empire or against them. Another flaw brought on by his devotion to the Empire is his militancy. In order to preserve the peace of the Empire, Impetus believes war must be made on the other kingdoms. In order to allow all ponies to live free under Celestia's glorious reign, dissidents must be subjugated and stamped out. As such, at time there is a level of hypocrisy to some of his actions, as he is willing to betray the very principles he fights for in order to preserve those very same principles.

    Despite this, Impetus' loyalty is unquestionable. He would die for both the Empire and his princess without question, and he holds those under his command to the same standard.

    History: Impetus was born to Earth Pony parents in the heart of Canterlot. An Earth Pony amongst unicorns, Impetus found it difficult to find his way in an education system and market driven mostly by ponies who could adjust the laws of reality at will. Though somewhat envious of the arcane abilities of his classmates, Impetus did not lose heart, and threw himself into his studies.

    As a colt Impetus found history to be one of his favourite subjects, though he (somewhat inconsiderately) lamented the lack of armed conflict in Equestria's history. Impetus found the most interesting parts of his lessons to be the climactic battles of Equestria's rare conflicts, where two generals strove to outwit one another with gambit and counter-gambit.

    Observing Impetus' interest in strategy, his teacher, Dusty Tome, introduced him to the game of chess. Impetus took to the game like a duck to water, pushing forward aggressively and forcing his foe to react. Dusty Tome observed that Impetus often committed his pieces early and tended to take unnecessary losses, but Impetus retorted that a victory was a victory.

    As his abilities improved, Impetus issued a challenge to all members of his class; best him in one game of chess, and Impetus would do all of the winner's homework for the next month. Sniggers abounded as unicorn colts and fillies accepted Impetus' challenge, unafraid of whatever tricks the Earth Pony might have up his metaphorical sleeves. Ten ponies in all faced Impetus.

    Suffice it to say, Impetus had very little homework for the rest of the year, and left school that day with his new cutie mark.

    As he matured, Impetus began to see that his childhood glorification of war had been misguided. While war seemed exciting and glorious, it was in actuality a tragic loss of pony lives. As news came to Canterlot of the increasing aggression of the other kingdoms, Impetus began to think that the preservation of the Solar Empire was the only way for peace to last in Equestria.

    He enlisted in the military soon after, fighting diligently on the battlefields as a halberdier, which he favoured for its length and tactical flexibility. He rose through the ranks, from front line soldier to ranking officer, until finally he stood by Princess Celestia's side as War Advisor of the Solar Empire, where he still stands today.

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