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    Fluorescent Fire (War Advisor) Empty Fluorescent Fire (War Advisor)

    Post by Swinton on Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:16 pm

    Name: Fluorescent Fire
    Kingdom: Solar Empire
    Race: Unicorn
    Appearance: Yellowish coat, red and black mane

    Cutie Mark: Untitled.png The standard caution fire sign symbol. He got his cutie mark after burning down his parent's house. He is a pyro technician.

    Personality: Normally easy going. But when things get tough, you can count on him to get things done. Mischievous and sometimes inappropriate but never crosses the line. The line is different to other ponies so he may be irritable, childish and annoying or funny and charming to some ponies.

    History: After watching some fireworks as a young colt, Fluorescent Fire became fascinated by fire. This led him to be labelled as a pyromaniac. He studied and became a pyro technician. Once, he was rigging up fireworks for a special occasion and he accidentally burnt down his parent's house so they kicked him out. With nowhere to go, he joined the army.

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