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    Sergei the Engineer Empty Sergei the Engineer

    Post by Sergei on Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:22 pm

    Kingdom: Crystal Empire

    Race: Earth Pony (Crystal)

    Appearance:Brown mane, light mud color coat. Slightly taller and thinner than average, olive green eyes.

    Cutie Mark: Hammer and Wrench

    Personality & History: Born into an upper class family, he liked his family and relatives but much prefers to be with his close friends. A quiet one he watches most of the time, even from a considerable distance in instances.
    Quite passionate about his hobbies and views, but is open to new things. He took an interest in engineering at a young age, having grow up with many building toys. It was only in the past 6 months he actually finished his studies at the University. Never married nor ever been in a real relationship, his only burdens are his ties with his two best friends.

    Fresh from school ,Sergei was recruited into the Engineering Division early in its forming. It is said his young mind posses much creativity , but could also be easily manipulated. But he is aware of this and works to strengthen his mind in this respect as well as others.

    His young mind is still unsure of many things, changing for better or for worse.

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