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    Cosmic Flare (the bestestest Corporal around)


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    Cosmic Flare (the bestestest Corporal around) Empty Cosmic Flare (the bestestest Corporal around)

    Post by Ducksquack on Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:51 pm

    Hewwo everywahn! Ducky here!  lol! 

    That emote scares me!

    Name: Cosmic Flare

    Kingdom: Solar Empire

    Race: Unicorn

    Apperance: Mane and tail are red with orange and black stripes, coat is bright orange.

    Cutie Mark: A star with waves of energy radiating from it.

    Personality: He is a smart pony, often coming up with good ideas. He listens to orders nicely and will typically be very loyal. The only times he will ignore this is when the situation is dire and he believes there is a better option. He tries to be friendly with ponies, and will usually attempt to help ponies in need. He is also very energetic. So, in a nutshell, smart, friendly, loyal, caring, and energetic. Some negative parts in his personality include him sometimes being impatient, forgetful, and sometimes can get a bit nervous.

    History: Cosmic was born a few years before Luna split, he is 24. Growing up, his parents, a middle class family growing up in Manehattan, made sure he got a good education and was raised properly. He is a decently skilled unicorn, knowing a good amount of spells for all kinds of uses. He craves more knowledge and will take opportunities to read, write, and learn new spells. When the war broke out, Cosmic and his family quickly fled Manehattan to avoid the fighting. His brother, however, stayed and joined the NLR. As the war grew, and fighting seemed to break out all over Equestria, he realized that there would clearly be no safe way out of this war, so he joined the Solar Empire, the closest kingdom to where he lived. And look, now we're here!

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