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    Zealous Sapphire (the nervous wreck)


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    Zealous Sapphire (the nervous wreck) Empty Zealous Sapphire (the nervous wreck)

    Post by Ducksquack on Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:45 pm

    Jk about that title. :3

    Name: Zealous Sapphire

    Gender: Male

    Kingdom: Crystal Empire

    Race: Crystal Unicorn

    Appearance: His body and horn are blue crystal, sapphire, while his mane and tail are a mix of red and white crystals, ruby and quartz.Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is a gear and a hammer.

    Personality: Sapphire pays great attention to detail. His military tactics are never too costly, as he cares for the ponies under his control. He is generally quiet, but when in a conversation never hesitates to talk, and never hesitates to initiate one, either. He also has a need for his ideas to be heard. Zealous is very capable, attempting to get everything done with the best of his ability. He is also very clever on the field of battle. Sometimes, though, he can be overly cautious and somewhat disorganized. And if he makes a mistake, often he will regret it for a while. He also commonly thinks about his fiancée, who he last saw when the war broke out. Complex contraptions always fascinate Sapphire, and if something is broken he often enjoys tinkering with it. Sapphire also respects fairness, equality, and opportunity.

    History: Sapphire grew up in the crystal empire. When he was 9, his family moved to Canterlot, due to his father getting a job there. When living there, he was always bothered by the large gap between the rich and the poor in the city. Sure, his family was at the “bottom of the top” as one might say, but the rich in the city seemed to always look down upon the poor. There never was such a major dividing line in the empire. After living in Canterlot, and attending college there (Sapphire majored in engineering), he moved to Manehattan when he was 23. Here, it seemed as if anypony had a chance at their dreams. Sapphire quite liked that city. He lived here for the next 5 years of his life. In that great city he fell in love with a mare. Months before they got married, however, the war started. He hasn’t seen her since. Sapphire’s mind is often filled with thoughts of her, and how he wants the war to end so he can marry his true and only love. As the war broke out, he rushed home. In the Crystal army, he worked his way up as an engineer until a spot commanding an infantry (calvary?) divison opened. He applied, and remarkably, was accepted. Sapphire may have been a better fit as the head of the engineering corps, but inside he’s always had a fascination with armies, and wanted to lead a unit of his own. He often wonders how he got the position. Possibly the lack of willing officers, possibly the lack of capable ponies, or possibly the belief that he really could lead fighting ponies. Sapphire believes it’s the last one. And he hopes to prove them right.

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