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    Post by Rusty on Wed Sep 24, 2014 7:54 pm

    Finally, after 6 weeks of waiting, the borders were open... sort of. She'd been waiting for this for 8 years, ever since she found that first little glowing crystal. The key to change. She trotted up to the border guard, and let him search her stuff. She'd kept most of the things she'd been tinkering with at the inn she was staying in. The guard looked at the one thing she'd brought, a small crystal in a metal frame, shrugged, and put it back in the bag. "I'll have to send news that you're carrying this inland. If you make any trouble..." Rusty nodded. "Of course! I understand completely." He slid the bag back over to her along with her papers, and waved her through. Stepping through, she immediately headed for Ponyville, where she planned to meet with Princess Twilight. Upon entering the now large city, she headed straight for the large tree in the center. She stopped in front of the guards, and cleared her throat. "I need to speak with the Princess, urgently."

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