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    Rules of WAR Empty Rules of WAR

    Post by Destiny on Fri Jul 25, 2014 2:28 pm

    The rules for WAR are simple. Read them carefully and make sure to follow them.

    • There will be no God-Modding or Mary-Sue's.
    • You can make up to three ponies.  If your ponies are in separate kingdoms, they do not know information that the other one knows. Don't cheat.
    • Each post MUST at least be a very detailed paragraph (seven sentences) each response. No one line responses.
    • Romance and such will be allowed- m/m, f/f, or m/f. It doesn't matter. However, I don't want any smut on the boards. If you want to do it sooo
      badly, just go ahead and do so on a PM. I don't judge.
    • This is a PG-13 roleplay.
    • You can not kill another pony without somepony's permission.
    • Your posts must consist of at least 2 paragraphs with a least 3 sentences per paragraph. Be sure to use proper grammar and spelling.
    • Any decisions that affect a faction must be approved by the Princess of said faction or, rarely, by all four Princesses.
    • This list can be edited at anytime with rules the princesses feel need to be added.

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