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    Cutie Mark: A large supernova which occurred over the landscape of Equestria allowed Stellar to then be able to navigate the land by use of the stars, and constellations using the supernova, as her marker. Thus, gaining her cutie mark of a supernova.
    Personality: Stellar is very good at navigating, using the constellations. She is also effective in magic and healing, her magic is usually revolved around creating light, shooting light beams, and her healing limited to flesh wounds, but she is not a qualified doctor. She is also very loyal, and honourable. If anything was to conflict with her morals, she would make that quite clear. She would never betray a friend, or go back on an oath. Her morals govern everything she does, and thinks. She would lay down her life, rather than betray these basic morals, or go back on an oath. Stellar is generally friendly, and will go out of her way in order to assist a pony in need. Although, if she knows a pony that has commits acts which go against her morality she will avoid them with extreme measure, however when it is unavoidable she can be cruel, and show outright despising towards them.
    Backstory: She left her family, and went in search of her calling. She found her calling, upon the supernova in the sky, which allowed her to navigate her way around Equestria, taking her to a Mages house. Where she learnt magic.
    Other: She carries a saddlebag, which contains books, tools, and other equipment. The only weapon she carries is a small dagger inside her cloak. She only ever uses this dagger for cutting bandages, or inscribing something in a solid surface. When in combat she instead prefers to use her wits, magic, over physical combat. However, in extreme cases she will use her horn.

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