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    "Once upon a time, there were four kingdoms that lived in tranquility.
    Each loved each other, and would never hurt one another even if their lives depended on it.
    But that, was one hundred years ago. Now, each kingdom is pinned against each other.
    And due to the growing anger and hate each kingdom harbored against each other...
    the windigos arrived."

    Welcome to WAR.
    This roleplay is an alternative universe of Equestria. WAR will contain action, romance, and even hints of a slice of life. WAR was originally meant to be launched on PonyRoleplay, and for this reason, we are a PG-13 roleplay. The roleplay contains elements from both Game of Thrones (the reason for it's loving nickname Game of Pones) and other medieval fantasy stories.

    With that out of the way, let us move onto the four kingdoms.

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    Celestia is a fair and just ruler. Her philosophy is: “Do not attack until it is necessary.” She often uses peaceful tactics, and is often on the defensive side. Her prisoners are often kept captive, not slaughtered. Despite this, her army has had to kill and attack. It h as become absolutely necessary. The Sun Army is seen as weak, and is often attacked by the opposing sides. They do not conquer as the other three kingdoms do, but defend the territory they have. The Sun Army is made up of extremely powerful unicorns that can hold their own. There are very few Earth ponies and pegasi, and those that are there are seen as lesser.

    The Solar Empire is a monarchy. Celestia rules solely. However, she does have advisers that she listens to. (this section will be edited with the ranks.)

    The Solar Empire (SE)'s capital is Canterlot, but owns the entirety of Northwest Equestria. These territories include  Vanhoover, Tall Tale, smokey mountain and Unicorn Range.

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    Luna is a very headstrong leader, who tries to be kind-hearted. However, unlike her sister, her prisoners of war are often killed after they are forced to give information. Her strategy is secrecy. She tends to attack in the middle of the night. The Moon Army is fast, agile, and sneaky.
    Many ponies in her army are lightning-quick pegasi and bat-ponies. There are one or two unicorns, but no Earth ponies. The reason for this being is that Earth ponies are all brute strength, rather than being small and quick. Unicorns in the army are treated equally under the eyes of the superiors, however, many other members of the army call them traitors behind their back and blame them if something goes wrong.

    The New Lunar Republic is a monarchy. Luna rules solely. (this will be edited with the ranks.)

    The New Lunar Republic (NLR)'s captial is in Manehatten. They also control all of the East, including Fillydelphia, Baltimare, Hayseed Shamts, and The Mountain.

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    Something happened to Cadance after the death of her husband, Shining Armor, and the death of her children. She never knew she would outlive her own family. 'Mad Queen Cadance' is probably the best way to describe her, which many ponies do behind her back. Her army relies on brute strength, and her strategies are erratic and crazy. It is for that reason that her Hoof of the Princess is often looked to rather than Cadance herself. Her army consists of Crystal Ponies- Crystal Earth Ponies, Crystal Unicorns, and Crystal Pegasi. She will not accept any other type of pony.

    The Crystal Empire is a monarchy. Cadance rules solely. However, her Hoof of the Princess is second in command. (this will be edited with ranks.)

    And the Crystal Empire controls the good portion of the North, including the Crystal Mountains, and Neighagra falls. There is a large wall around the Crystal Mountains. Outside of the wall, is a freezing winter. Those who venture out, never make it out alive. It is impossible to survive the conditions outside the wall.

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    Twilight Sparkle has not forgotten her lessons on friendship. Despite the lost of her friends, she continues to be a strong and fair leader. She is considered the best leader of the four. Everyone is treated fairly, and equal. She is a conqueror, but never treats her new citizens badly. The Princess listens to a council, and has her own constitution. Her army fights with their head high, and would rather die in the field than return home to the republic a failure. She enlists every type of pony, and even has a changeling or two on her team. The Magic Army often looks to their advisers, who are very knowledgeable tacticians.

    The United Republic of Magic has a constitutional monarchy. Princess Twilight has a council in which she listens too. However... not all have good intentions.

    The United Republic of Magic (URM)'s captial is Ponyville. Ponyville is now a metropolis, and a large city the likes of Manehatten or Canterlot. The URM also has all of the South, including Las Pegasus, the Desert, Appleloosa, and Dodge junction.


    The Rebels are members for any kingdom. They are disgusted with the war, and are fed up. They are the ones who are willing to end the war at any cost.


    Lastly, you may choose to not allege yourself with any kingdoms. This is fine. However, the road will be perilous for you- or they will be full of riches. Kingdoms with either try to bribe you to join or they will try to murder you on sight. Oh, trust. You will have friends in the kingdoms- or you can have enemies. You have your own ideas, and your own morals. Are you brave enough to stand by them?
    Here are those that do not choose to be with another kingdom.  

    Once you join, please post what kingdom you wish to ally yourself with. Whatever kingdom you chose will be your main kingdom. It does not matter if you have another character in a different kingdom. Your main kingdom is what you will be identified with, so choose carefully.

    Do you have any questions? Check to see if they can be found on the FAQ.

    Do you want to see how the stats of each kingdom? Those can be found here.

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