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    Mystery - (The Shadow of All)


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    Mystery - (The Shadow of All) Empty Mystery - (The Shadow of All)

    Post by LordofTime on Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:32 pm

    Name: Mystery

    Kingdom: Crystal Empire (Sub-Faction: Hexecutioners)

    Race: Unknown, Mystery has been seen practicioning magic as well as short flight via shadowy wings.

    Appearance: Garbed in heavy umber robes save for a single glowing ruby hoof, and an expressonless staring face of black, no visible mouth and two pure white eyes. Mystery is presumed bald due to no hair being seen about their person.

    Cutie Mark: Emblazoned on the flank area of robes is three question marks, splayed and interlocking at the dot. This seems more an identification than a show of talent.

    Personality: Mystery speaks of themselves in third and second person, where 'I' is 'we' and 'mine' is 'our'. This leaves many with the impression there was more than one of the pony at any time being spoken to. Mystery's personality is very blank for the purposes of their job, enabling them to mimic most anypony whom they cross their path with. Though their social life suffers, Mystery is a dilligent worker, most often at the side of Obsidian and regularily doing paperwork for her, or alongside the enigmatic Domino on missions. Though the greyness of their personality is a strength proven time and again, Mystery sometimes wonders who they are behind all the masks...

    History: Very, very little is known about Mystery, even to the more experienced interrorgators of the land they came to contact with. Where they came from, how old they are and what they are have been brushed aside quietly by many Hexecutors, merely being thankful such a creature is on their side. They were the ones ultimately responsible for leading many recruits to the Order, and somewhere along the way picked up two Skywing Repeaters as preferred choice weapons. Held in a dark red glow, Mystery has proven apt with the weapons if their cover is blown.

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