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    Agoniser Domino - [The Detonation Sensation]


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    Agoniser Domino - [The Detonation Sensation] Empty Agoniser Domino - [The Detonation Sensation]

    Post by LordofTime on Tue Jul 29, 2014 3:55 pm

    Name: Domino Effect

    Kingdom: Crystal Empire (Sub-Faction: Hexecutioners)

    Race: Pegasus

    Appearance: Diamond white coat with frazzled black mane and tail. Sharpened teeth and replacement eyes, the latter are black with red pupils.

    Cutie Mark: One black circle with a white ring next to a black ring around a white circle.

    Personality: Ever the showman, Domino delights in being the distaction for his fellow Hexecutioners. When the call is needed for a clear threat to a populace, none come more evident than Domino, even if such a task would be deemed suicide. Despite his apparent expendability, Domino has often emerged from plans unscathed, unexplained and with a cutting remark on his lips. A master of explosives and chain-detonations, which compliment his giddy, ecstatic and mirthful nature beautifully. Domino is convinced that he can see the future through his fake eyes, and while often considered a delusion of the mind, it must be noted he has made particularily accurate predictions thus far.

    History: Domino originally travelled as an escaped convict, with five murder sprees and many instances of collateral damage to cities via his self made explosives. That was going to be how it was until he ran out of luck, it seemed, until he met a unicorn by name of Mystery. The hooded unicorn, an exile like Domino, guided him back to the Crystal City around the time of the Hexecutioner Order being established. Though the original idea was to join the ranks of the Hexes via the conventional manner to gauge each other's skills in a gladiatorial match, Domino got a little trigger happy, and the hole a smuggled bomb of his left is still there today to remind gaurds on to check thoughly. Since then Domino has climbed up and up, becoming a master of all kinds of exploding devices. From Pheonix Bombs to alight entire cities to tiny bombs potent enough to act as thrown bullets, Domino remains as dangerous as ever to the ponies of all lands.

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