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    Obsidian (The High Hexecutioner)


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    Obsidian (The High Hexecutioner) Empty Obsidian (The High Hexecutioner)

    Post by LordofTime on Sun Jul 27, 2014 4:14 pm

    Name: Obsidian

    Kingdom: The Crystal Empire

    Race: Crystal Unicorn

    Appearance: Obsidian is a unicorn mare, sporting a dulled black crystal coat without any of the shine native to the Crystal Empire. Her dark-red hair is often tied into braids, and tipped with a variety of painful instruments as part of her unique fighting style. When attending formal occasions, the hair is shortened into dreadlocks. Her eyes are grey, and are often half-lidded to provide a sultry look. Her horn is odd, slightly longer than a unicorns and has two points instead of one in close relation to each other. She is also notably larger than an average mare, approaching stallion size yet still keeping a sleek and curvacious figure.

    Cutie Mark: Obsidian's mark is a double bearded axe, with one blade black, the other red. It is related to her talent at execution and other forms of torture.

    Personality: At first glance it is hard for outsiders to see what is so threatening about Obsidian. She still brushes her hair, applies make-up and eats somewhat daintily compared to the force she controls over. Little do non-believers know is that this is a facade, a ploy to lure in the unexpecting. Her demeanor is often interpreted as somewhat amused by the ponies who confront her, as if life had sent her a personal joke, yet the truth is that she analyzes her 'opponent', takes into account every intricate detail, from injuries to the emotional state of the being, Obsidian can often read and out think many ponies who oppose her directly.

    History: Born during the turmoil of the first months of the war, Obsidian learned to idolise her empress and her warriors moreso than her own family. Somewhat shunned from her young age by her "impure" coat, Obsidian honed her skills in private from the age of five onwards. At age seventeen, the age many crystal ponies were recruited into the rank and file of the army, she was turned away due to her unnerving shadow she cast over anypony speaking ill of her princess, and the near fatal wounding of anypony who persisted. A notable achievement of hers came during a battle with Magic Republic soldiers during the battle of Rainbow Falls, where she fell upon the left flank of the main force with frightening skill, enabling the platoon sent to reinforce the hold to rally and drive away the invaders. Word of Obsidian spread to Cadence herself, who welcomed this new style of combat and asked Obsidian to name a reward.
    Two months later, the Hexecutioner Order was established, and had begun attracting purveyors of violence from all across the empire, serving under Obsidian herself.

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