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    Princess Luna


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    Princess Luna Empty Princess Luna

    Post by Windbreaker on Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:42 am

    Princess Luna

    New Lunar Republic


    Luna has a deep blue coat, blue-green eyes and dark patches on her flanks. Her wings are large and some of the feathers seem to have a tendency to curl outwards. Her ethereal mane is a dark blue and a deeper translucent blue, indicative of her title: Princess of the Night. She often wears a black necklace, shoes and a black crown, which are sometimes adorned with silver accents and sapphires for formal occasions. Also for formal occasions, she will sometimes wear a blue formal dress, usually silk.

    Cutie Mark:
    A crescent moon on the dark patches of her flanks.

    Luna is usually calm and serious, rationalizing her decisions based on 'I did what I had to do' and focusing on her job as ruler of the New Lunar Republic. But, she is also the most hot-tempered of the four Princesses and can get worked up from time to time, usually in very grand and dramatic fashion. Her dedication to her role is such that she spends a lot of time working in her tower rather than sitting on the throne, but she does still have her hobbies, which now include daydreaming

    I'll add this in later. There's a lot to write...

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