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    Impenetrable Defense (Member of an Aegis Team) Empty Impenetrable Defense (Member of an Aegis Team)

    Post by Demirari on Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:06 pm

    Impenetrable Will


    Gender: Male

    Allegiance: The United Republic of Magic

    Appearance: Impenetrable Will has a red mane that is usually kept to the bare minimum of at least being presentable by brushing it to practically a straight line as so does his tail. However, at times it isn’t as well-maintained as it usually is, and will look like a disorganized mess (usually later on in the day, as Impenetrable Will cares not what state his mane is bloody in). Moving onwards is a light-brown coat and matching coat colors are again brown, but they are more true to the color brown than his coat, but that is a useless detail.

    Cutie Mark: A fortress wall that presents his will as one that will rarely yield and unbreakable in his faith.

    Personality: If one is a philosophy, one might attribute the colors of Impenetrable Will’s body, red and brown as his personality. It is broken down as such: Impenetrable Will is a pony who believes in self-determination and is passionate about his ideals. While at that, he is a calm pony who will try to look at the full picture instead of his narrow vision when he can. Last, is his selfless attitude, one will never hear him refuse to help another pony, no matter what are the circumstances.

    History: Impenetrable Will was a studier while a helper. Throughout his life, from when he was young to the age where he currently was, he had maintained a helpful attitude. Helping others was something that came easy to him--protecting others was another thing. With an attitude as his, Impenetrable Will naturally became a pony in his town to be held with respect and the go-to-stallion if anything needs helping.
    When he isn’t around trying to help everypony in his vicinity out, Impenetrable Will will studied the properties of magic. Not to say he was studying every branch of magic possible, Impenetrable Will focused on the main field: Protection. Protection was something Impenetrable Will found valuable; more than offensive spells that are designed to maim or kill another living being. To him, the main goal of magic is to protect somepony else and to prevent an untimely death. However, don’t grow cocky thinking that he is not able to fight back with offensive spells; Impenetrable Defense had, over time, collected a decent amount of spells that are designed for offensive use.

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