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    Winged Glory [Hoof of the Princess]


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    Winged Glory [Hoof of the Princess] Empty Winged Glory [Hoof of the Princess]

    Post by Destiny on Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:00 pm

    Name: Winged Glory

    Kingdom: The Crystal Empire

    Race: Crystal Pegasus

    Appearance: Winged Glory is a lavender pegasus, with a light Cerulean mane. Her mane curls in front of her face. Her tail, the same color as her mane, is long. She makes sure to keep her appearance clean, and is very proud of her her looks. She has pale blue-gray eyes. She bears armor, the color of silver sand. Her helmet is winged, and covered in detailed ornate. She often pulls up her long mane to hide underneath her helmet. Besides the helmet, her armor has the same appearance of the crystal guards at the empire.

    Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is a short sword, with a silver handle, in the middle of two white wings.

    Personality: Winged Glory, or simply Glory, is the Hoof of the Princess in the Crystal Empire. She is an honorable pony, who sticks to the laws of the land. She respects Princess Cadance, but does not object when others come to her for advice than to her Princess. She is extremely loyal, and would never to do anything to go against her kingdom. She is intelligent, and knows how to hold her tongue. Despite being gentle to others in her kingdom, she will slay without mercy. If her Princess orders an execution, than her Princess will have an execution- even if she isn't a fan of violence. She is calm, cool, and collected.

    History: Winged Glory was born during a time of uneasy peace. Her parents were merchants, and when she was a filly she helped out with the family business. However, then the Princess created a law demanding that all first-born child must attend military school for a certain period of time. As she was her parent’s only child, she was sent to Shining Armor’s Boarding School for Militarized Foals. She took a strong interest in combat, and eventually graduated from the school with high honors. It was around that time when she gained her cutie mark. Instead of returning home, she joined the military.

    She worked her way up, and found herself guarding Princess Cadance personally. It was then that the war broke out, and Princess Cadance did not hesitate to name her guard Hoof of the Princess. This was most likely due to Glory's unwavering loyalty. For example, many did not agree with any of Cadance's rule. Angry at this, Glory vowed to destroy any who spoke out against her beloved queen. Anyone who protested was silenced, and soon many ponies decided that they would rather serve Cadance than die at Glory's hooves.

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